pmacct is a small set of multi-purpose passive network monitoring tools. It
can account, classify, aggregate, replicate and export forwarding-plane data,
ie. IPv4 and IPv6 traffic; collect and correlate control-plane data via BGP
and BMP; collect infrastructure data via Streaming Telemetry. Each component
works both as a standalone daemon and as a thread of execution for correlation
purposes (ie. enrich NetFlow with BGP data).

A pluggable architecture allows to store collected forwarding-plane data into
memory tables, RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), noSQL databases (MongoDB,
BerkeleyDB), AMQP (RabbitMQ) and Kafka message exchanges and flat-files.
pmacct offers customizable historical data breakdown, data enrichments like
BGP and IGP correlation and GeoIP lookups, filtering, tagging and triggers.
Libpcap, Linux Netlink/NFLOG, sFlow v2/v4/v5, NetFlow v5/v8/v9 and IPFIX are
all supported as inputs for forwarding-plane data. Replication of incoming
NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow datagrams is also available. Statistics can be
easily exported to time-series databases like ElasticSearch and InfluxDB and
traditional tools Cacti RRDtool MRTG, Net-SNMP, GNUPlot, etc.

Control-plane and infrastructure data, collected via BGP, BMP and Streaming
Telemetry, can be all logged real-time or dumped at regular time intervals
to AMQP (RabbitMQ) and Kafka message exchanges and flat-files.



+ nfacctd, sfacctd: added Kafka broker among the options to receive
  NetFlow/IPFIX, sFlow data from. Host, port and topic should all be
  specified along with an optional config file to pass to librdkafka.
+ nfacctd, sfacctd, pmtelemetryd: added ZeroMQ queue among the options
  to receive NetFlow/IPFIX, sFlow or Streaming Telemetry data from. An
  IP address and port should be specified.
+ nfacctd, sfacctd: added sampling_direction to the set of supported
  primitives, valid values being ingress, egress and unknown.
+ nfacctd, sfacctd: stats, ie. amount of NetFlow/IPFIX or sFlow packets
  received per router, are now available when in tee mode. Stats can be
  retrieved via a SIGUSR1 UNIX signal.
+ pcap_savefile_replay: a feature to replay content for the specified
  amounf of time when reading from a pcap_savefile.
+ pre_tag_map: added several new keys: src_net and dst_net (to tag on
  source and destination IP prefixes respectively), bgp_nexthop (to
  tag on BGP nexthop) and nat_event.
+ BGP daemon: added bgp_lrgcomm_pattern feature to filter large BGP
  communities (in addition to existing equivalent knobs to filter on
  standard and extended communities).
+ BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: msglog_file and dump_file config
  directives now offer $bmp_router, $bmp_router_port, $telemetry_node
  and $telemetry_node_port variables.
+ BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: added BGP, BMP and Streaming
  Telemetry exporter TCP/UDP port as variable for dump/log filenames
  (to better support NAT traversal scenarios).
+ BGP, BMP daemons: added message sequencing to both BGP and BMP dumps
  (bgp_table_dump_*, bmp_dump_*). If dumping and logging are enabled
  in parallel then sequencing the dumps allows for check pointing at
  regular time intervals.
+ BMP daemon: implemented draft-hsmit-bmp-extensible-routemon-msgs for
  a tlv-based encoding of route-monitoring messages with a new message
+ Streaming Telemetry daemon: added sample decoders for gRPC / GPB for
  Cisco and Huawei platforms, written in Python. Telemetry data is
  decoded using vendor-supplied proto files and output in JSON format
  in a ZeroMQ queue - suitable for ingestion in pmtelemetryd. Docs and
  sample code is available in the telemetry/ directory. This is all in
  addition to TCP/UDP transports and JSON encoding supported natively
  in pmtelemetryd.
+ kafka plugin: introduced support for Confluent Schema Registry via
  libserdes. A registry can be supplied via kafka_avro_schema_registry
  config directive; the schema is generated automatically. The feature
  enables validation of data passed through a Kafka broker and uses
  Avro encoding. 
+ kafka plugin: added $in_iface key (input interface) to the set of
  variables supported by kafka_partition_key. Extremely useful when
  coupled to $peer_src_ip in some scenarios. 
+ print, IMT plugins: separator for CSV format can now be space (\s)
  or tab (\t).
+ tee plugin: added Kafka broker among the emitters. kafka_broker and
  kafka_topic knobs are now available in the tee_receivers map and a
  tee_kafka_config_file directive allows to define a file with config
  to pass to librdkafka.
+ tee plugin: added ZeroMQ queue among the emitters. zmq_address knob
  defines the queue IP address and port to emit to.
+ tee plugin: introducing support for complex pre_tag_map when doing
  replication of NetFlow/IPFIX (sFlow replication had already this).
  With this feature flows are individually evaluated against supplied
  filters (input interface, BGP next-hop, etc.) and (not) replicated
+ GeoIP v2: added support for latitude and longitude primitives via
  src_host_coords and dst_host_coords knobs. This is in addition to
  existing country and pocode supports.
+ files_uid, files_gid: now also user and group strings are accepted.
  This is in addition to user and group IDs.
! fix, nfacctd: NF_evaluate_flow_type() improved to not detect Cisco
  ASA flows (ie. those including initiator and responder octets) as
  events. Also improved sanity checking of received NetFlow v9/IPFIX
  data and options templates and reviwed modulo functions and improved
  template hashing.
! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: improved log sequencing
  by handling counter wrap-up more gracefully. Also a log sequencing
  API was developed to improve code re-use. 
! fix, BGP daemon: added check for duplicate Router-IDs at BGP OPEN
  parsing time. If a duplicate is detected, the session BGP OPENing of
  the new session is dropped.
! fix, BGP daemon: ADD-PATH capability was checked only in the first
  AFI/SAFI and was being set in the reply for last AFI/SAFI RECEIVE(1)
  if first included SEND(2) or SEND-RECEIVE(3). Thanks to Markus Weber
  ( @FvDxxx ) for his patch.
! fix, BGP daemon: upon route lookup, don't perform ADD-PATH logics if
  no PATH-ID (even if ADD-PATH capability is announced by the peer).
  Thanks to Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support solving the
! fix, BGP daemon: graceful handling of invalid AS-PATH segment types
  (ie. AS-PATH in BGP UPDATE inconsistent with capabilities passed in
  BGP OPEN) in order to avoid SEGVs.
! fix, pmtelemetryd: improved support for UDP timeouts. Also reviewed
  natively supported encodings: removed zjson and GPB was moved to pre-
  processors (with samples available in telemetry/decoders directory). 
! fix, pmtelemetryd: no dump_init / dump_close events sequencing since
  all messages are sequenced anyway (consistency with other daemons).
! fix, kafka_common.c: now destroying both config and topic config as
  part of p_kafka_close() in order to avoid memory leaks. Also, port is
  omitted from broker string if not passed to p_kafka_set_broker(). And
  finally output queue length checks in p_kafka_check_outq_len() have
  been relaxed (to counter temporary hickups that need more patience). 
! fix, kafka plugin: kafka_partition default was zero (that is, a valid
  partition number) instead of -1 (RD_KAFKA_PARTITION_UA or unassigned)
  which allows librdkafka to attach a partitioner.
! fix, SQL plugins: sql_table_schema is honoured even if sql_table_name
  is non-dynamic. This is to cover cases where the table is rotated
! fix, mysql plugin: my_bool replaced with bool. The plugin now does
  compile against MySQL 8.0. Also added inclusion of stdbool.h as on
  some systems bool is not defined. Improved overall probing for MySQL
! fix, pgsql plugin: sql_recovery_backup_host was not being honoured.
  PG_create_backend() now composes a proper conn_string.
! fix, print plugin: increase successful queries number, QN, only if
  the output file was successfully opened.
! fix, zmq_common.c: moved ZAP socket initialization inside the ZAP
  handler. See: .
! fix, util.c: length checks in handle_dynname_internal_strings() were
  reviewed. Existings were not working in absence of starting/trailing
  non-variable strings.
! fix, util.c: use lockf() instead of more problematic flock(). Thanks
  to Yuri Lachin ( @yuyutime ) and Miki Takata ( @mikiT ) for their
! fix, util.c: in compose_timestamp() pad usecs and use "%ld" since
  time fields are signed longs. Thanks to @raymondrussell for the
! fix, ndpi_util.c: a protocol bitmask is now set in order to increase
  match rate. Patch is courtesy by @rsolsn.
! fix, compile time warnings: several warnings were addressed including
  but not restricted to -Wreturn-time, -Wunused-variable, implicit func
  declarations, -Wformat-extra-args, -Wunused-label, -Wunused-value,
  -Wunused-function, sbrk calls, -Wpointer-to-int-cast, -Wparentheses
  and -Wint-to-pointer-cast.
! fix, dangerous uninitialized values: net_aggr.c, pmacct.c: in merge()
  argument with non-NULL attribute could be passed NULL; bmp_msg.c: in
  bmp_process_msg_route_monitor() bdata.tstamp could be uninitialized;
  sfprobe_plugin.c: calloc() return value (possibly null) was not being
  checked; sflow_agent.c: uninitialized ret value in sfl_agent_init()
  could lead to undefined bind() error behaviour.
! fix, thread_pool.c: reviewed logics in deallocate_thread_pool() and
  solved a minor memory leak in allocate_thread_pool().
- pmacctd: removed support for FDDI :)
- nfacctd: discontinued support for NetFlow v1, v7 and v8 collection
  and replication.
- pre_tag_map: matching on 'sampling_rate' is not supported anymore as
  a sampling_rate primitive is now available; the 'return' feature to
  return matched data before completing the map workflow has started
  being obsoleted (retired from docs but still available).
- plugin_pipe_check_core_pid: deprecating feature given RabbitMQ and
  Kafka are not supported anymore for internal message delivery.
- tee plugin: obsoleted tee_dissect_send_full_pkt knob, entire packets
  are now replicated only if no pre_tag_map or a simple pre_tag_map is
- nfprobe plugin: removed support for NetFlow v1 export.

See UPGRADE file.


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