Hello Paolo,

thanks for coming back on this to me.

My use case is that I want to aggregate certain applications that all run from 
unique subnetworks (local and remote).
So I can quite easily sub-sum the flows by (small) subnetworks, and use the 
aggregates with src_network_name and dst_network_name.

Anyway, I am not yet convinced that prefixes are the way to go, or if other 
means like tagging could work similar or better.
Still lots to learn from your powerful project 😊

Best regards, Wolfgang


Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for confirming it all works - fantastic. Since prefix labels
appears not to be a super-popular feature (hence the optional compile
in), i'd appreciate all the feedback you may have about it (including
the use-case for you). Here or unicast email is fine.

Anybody else reading using --enable-plabel, prefix labels?


On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 08:14:36AM +0000, LINS Wolfgang wrote:
> Update:
> The reconfigure of pmacct with "--enable-plabel" and then make / make install
> apparently did not update the binaries.
> So I was working with a build that did not have IP prefix labels enabled.
> Did a fresh (clean) build now, and got an update /usr/local/sbin/nfacctd
> now...
> This time the network_file does something - it replaces the ip_src and ip_dst
> fields with the labels below. Fine!
> tag, tag2, label are still 0,0,'' - and I understand that these fields are
> for a different purpose.
> Best regards, Wolfgang
> From: LINS Wolfgang
> Sent: Sonntag, 18. November 2018 23:17
> To: 'pmacct-discussion@pmacct.net' <pmacct-discussion@pmacct.net>
> Subject: networks_file and nfacctd and mySQL - how to get the labels
> populated?
> Dear pmacct community,
> I try to use the networks_file to match well-known IP subnets with subnet
> names via the networks_file.
> I had hoped that this would help to identify "belonging" subnetworks, however
> to me it looks like the matches do not really make much...
> I can see that src_mask and dst_mask aggregators in a way match (the sql
> columns mask_src and mask_dst are filled with e.g. 21)
> My networks file is minimal:
> ! <Network>'/'<numeric mask> examples
> ! <label>','<Network>'/'<numeric mask> examples
> NW_V1RF,,,
> NW_V1MO,,,
> NW_V1SV,,,
> I got a global network_file statement plus another one (same file) for the
> mysql plugin.
> When I write tag, tag2 and label to the SQL I always only get 0,0,"" in
> there...
> How should that work?
> (btw: :I have built pmacct with the --enable-plabel flag now, did not change
> anything)
> What directives / aggregators would I need to see the network file matches?
> Best regards
> Wolfgang

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