Hello great community!

First, I wanted to say that I love the pmacct software -- it's been a
huge boon to our research lab. Thank you all for developing and

After some usage of the tool, we found that we needed some extra
functionality that I couldn't find in the included plugins. Namely, we
needed to send json-formatted output over UDP to a server that would
perform further processing on the data. I hope that I didn't miss an
existing plugin to perform such work!

Finding none, I decided to implement a plugin to do just that. I named
it jsonudp. I implemented it according to the directions in all the
document (ie, copy existing plugins!). I relied heavily on the
print_plugin and coded up something that works. I attempted to follow
the existing code style and meet the project's standards.

I submitted a pull request for the code to the project's repository on
github. I'd love to hear feedback on the code and what you think I can
improve if you think that it's a feature worth having in the main
repository. If you don't think it's worthwhile, I'd love to hear that

In any event, thank you for building and maintaining such a great tool.


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