We are currently using exporting Netflow data to multiple Netflow
collectors using the tee plugin along with nfacctd. The problem is that
we are sampling our flows, and some collectors don't offer the
possibility to correct the values.

I saw that nfacctd had some parameters that could correct the data (like
renormalize) and I would like to use it to correct my sampled Netflow
before exporting it with the tee plugin, but I still get the sampled

We are using Netflow v9 and the sampling value is not sent by the router.

Here is an example of the .conf file I use for nfacctd :

nfacctd_port: 2100
nfacctd_renormalize: true
nfacctd_ext_sampling_rate: 1024
plugins: tee[br01]
tee_receivers[br01]: /var/pmacct/tee_br01.lst
!pre_tag_map: /path/to/pretag.map
plugin_buffer_size: 10240
plugin_pipe_size: 1024000
nfacctd_pipe_size: 1024000

Do you have any suggestion about it ?

Many thanks

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