Hey all!

I am trying to align a multiline text properly. Therefore i create my font like this and set it to my painter:

font = g_outputDoc->CreateFont(fontName, isBold, isItalic, false, new PdfIdentityEncoding(0, 0xffff, true), true);



After that i measure the text width of every line of the text i want to draw like this:

double imposedPdf::measureText(const wchar_t* text) {

    PoDoFo::PdfString pdfText(text);

    return g_painter.GetFont()->GetFontMetrics()->StringWidth(pdfText);


(the pdf string constructor is used because if found something in the mail archive which suggested that this is better...)

It returns a reasonable value (for example "11" is double the width of "1" etc.)

My program will then draw text to a specific position like this:

PoDoFo::PdfRect textRect(mmToPdfUnits(x), mmToPdfUnits(y), mmToPdfUnits(width), mmToPdfUnits(height));

    PoDoFo::PdfString pdfText(text);







This results in the text being in the pdf with the corret font/fontsize, BUT it is monospaced and its therefore wider then the suggested value of the "StringWidth" function. So in the end my texts placement is wrong, because i calculated the placement depending on the widest line of the text i want to draw...

Any ideas why my fonts are all drawn monospaced? (and no: i didnt just use monospaced fonts :D i tried about 50 different fonts, all with the same issue)

Dennis Voss


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