On Sat, 2018-02-10 at 22:47 +0100, Matthew Brincke wrote:
> [ typo fixes in quoted text ]

[ not changing history, not feeling good to correct anyone for any
typos, due to being humans, which can make mistakes ]

> I still hope that won't be necessary (@Dom or zyx: could you please
> put the feature test in?).

I guess you mean a test for availability of -fvisibility=hidden by the
compiler. You can do it with something like this:


   list(APPEND proposed_cxx_flags

   foreach(flag IN LISTS proposed_cxx_flags)
        check_cxx_compiler_flag(${flag} cxx_flag_${flag}_supported)
                set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} ${flag}")

where the 'proposed_cxx_flags' list can contain any warnings and such
flags. This code should be run somewhere the top of the main
CMakeList.txt, because it modifies CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS, which is used by
the other CMake code/parts.
> > bunch of exported symbols, alas not that many, probably more
> > PODOFO_LOCAL and PODOFO_API are still needed through the codebase.
> Yes, probably, I hope that can still be changed after the release
> candidate.

I agree with Mattia, there is no rush for this. It's also a very bad
idea to provide a release candidate and then generate release with
completely changed rules of the build. That can change the game
significantly and all the testing on the previous candidate would be
useless and waste of time. The idea of the release candidate is to
provide something almost stable, with possible changes with "minimal"
impact (like bug fixes).

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