That's not implemented yet.  That one isn't that big of a deal, just for
1.0.x we had only "things andy does except for formulas" as requirements...

For 2.0 its mostly formulas and graphing.  

I looked into that recently, it wouldn't be hard at all.  Right now I don't
have time to do this though.  gonna be working on HDF.

Glen, where is this as far as you stand?  

Thanks, .. .slow day (actually had things i had to wait on... ;-) ).

If you don't want to wait on us, all that needs to be done is simply create
a low level record for what I think is called HLINK in the Excel 97
Developer's kit, then add it to the high level model (probably new cell
type)..  (the Excel 97 dev kit is available on Amazon for under $20 used or
overstock...its out of print so thats what you're after)  

If you're interested, just send the patches to the poi-dev list and I'll
queue them and apply them or Glen will.  


>On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:40:47 -0800 "An Feng-I Chen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Thanks a lot for replying questions so promptly. This is most responsive
>support I have ever encountered.
>Now my question is can I add a hyperlink to a cell?

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