Hello I just installed Polipo on My Windows XP Home Media Center
Edition.  It does work rather nicely (enough) but there are some
gotchas as noted in:


There are multiple ways to handle the default path problem and the
resolv.conf issue, but in a pinch the following works without having
to make use of a configuration file.

1. For the resolv.conf issue create a directory "etc" on the C:\
drive.  Create a new text file called "resolv.conf" within that new
directory (etc).  Now enter something like the following:


Where is your name server.  Save it.  I like Edit Pad Lite
(Free for non-commercial use -
http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html ) for this since it will
properly read and write the Unix formatted config file but you can use
different things.

This will get rid of the freezes and the message about resolv.conf upon startup.

2. For the disk cache issue, in a pinch you can just create a
directory "C:\var\cache\polipo" and Polipo will then work with it.

3. For the Local Tree Issue, likewise you can create a directory
"C:\usr\share\polipo\www" and it at least seems to get rid of the

To handle disk cache truncating you can make use of the windows task
scheduler.  This will pretty much do what cron does on a *nix system.
[I have not had the chance to verify that this works but it seems to)
and should in theory, will check in a few days.

Just invoke it (within the task scheduler choose "Add new task") with
a comand line such as:

C:\polipo\polipo.exe -x -c ./config

where what follows after "-c" is the location of the config file
(optional if you do not use one).

Configuration file with windows.

-c <configuration file here>

Paths are in a form like so:

C:\config   <----->   /config
C:\polipo   <------>  /polipo/config

To make polipo start up on startup in windows I just put a shortcut in
the "startup" folder and invoked it like so from the shortcut:

C:\polipo\polipo.exe -c ./config

You might also change it within the shortcut to run minimized.

Obviously it would be better if we could just make it run as a service
(aka daemon in *nix)

Right now I am using:


I tried the installer, polipo-, but I too had the
annoying 's' key issue discussed late last year on this list and also
noticed that the paths were all wrong causing freezes and other
problems.  It was unstable due to those issues.  Plus I preferred
knowing what was going on exactly in order to learn.  Though it is a
nice startand might open the door for some.

I am playing around with MinGW right now to try to possibly get the
development version and give that a go.  I am noticing crashes, on
average one or two a day using the mentioned version. Will see what
happens on the newer development version.

Will give more detailed feedback over time in order to attempt to help
with windows use.  Thanks for a great free proxy!


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