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CIA executive will head new terrorist intelligence center
By Shane Harris

A career CIA terrorism analyst with a background in Middle Eastern affairs will head the government's new terrorist intelligence center, the White House announced Tuesday.

John Brennan, the current CIA deputy executive director, will take over as director of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center on May 1, when it begins operations. CIA Director George Tenet handpicked Brennan, whom he described in a statement as "an extraordinarily talented and innovative officer."

The new center fuses the FBI's counterterrorism division with the CIA's counterterrorism center. By placing those units under one roof, the administration intends to create a "hub" for all terrorist intelligence analysis in the government. The center is a response to critics who say law enforcement and intelligence agencies have done a poor job understanding the activities and events that lead up to terrorist attacks like those of Sept. 11, 2001, or assaults on U.S. targets abroad.

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