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Fast Search Mashup with Keyboard Shortcuts [Search Engines] via
Lifehacker by Adam Pash on 11/24/08
Web site keyboardr is an as-you-type search mashup of Google (including
blog and image search), Wikipedia, and YouTube with blazing speed. Once
you see a result you like, just use your arrow keys to navigate to the
result, then hit Enter to open it. The speed of keyboardr is perhaps
the most impressive feature, and if you're a big fan of keyboard
navigation, it's got a lot to offer. Then again, I still prefer the
experimental Google search with keyboard shortcuts that work like
Gmail's built-in shortcuts (e.g., j/k navigate up/down, '/' returns you
to the search box). That said, keyboardr's integration with YouTube,
Wikipedia, and multiple Google search types brings a nice feature-set
to a simple but well thought-out webapp. Keyboardr has plans for more
features and search service integration in the future, so it's worth
keeping an eye on. Keep reading for a look at how keyboardr works in

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