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I guess this is breaking news on which I hope to have more to write
later (I have a deadline on reporting Obama’s greenhouse-related
announcements today), but I just confirmed that Elliott Abrams, Special
Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North
African Affairs since December 2002 and Deputy National Security
Adviser for Global Democracy Strategy since 2005, will begin work as a
Senior Fellow at the sparkling new Washington offices of the Council on
Foreign Relations (less than block from his old office) in mid-February.

Abrams, the highest-ranking neo-conservative left in the Bush
administration when it finally decamped last week, served, along with
help from Dick Cheney’s office, as the bureaucratic foil for former
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s efforts to inject some momentum
into the Annapolis peace process; tried to persuade the Israelis to
widen their 2006 war against Hezbollah to include Syria; and no doubt
steadfastly encouraged the Olmert government to pursue its Gaza war as
vigorously and as long as possible. To the extent that U.S. influence
in the Middle East has diminished over the past six years, Abrams can
claim a good share of the credit. And his strategy to spread democracy
globally (especially in the Middle East) appears to have prospered in a
similar fashion.

Perhaps he’ll be asked to take over Bill Kristol’s column at the Times.

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