Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Google's GDrive Will
Allow Access to Files "Anywhere, Anytime" [Google Web Drive] via
Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy on 1/30/09
The Google Operating System blog points to one blogger's discovery of
text inside the Google Pack software suite that basically lays out what
GDrive will do:

GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including
photos, music and documents. GDrive allows you to access your files
from anywhere, anytime, and from any device - be it from your desktop,
web browser or cellular phone.

So GDrive is shaping up to be an any-file backup system that will roll
out with a desktop client, web access. But with all the feature-rich
competition GDrive's facing, one would think tie-ins with other Google
Apps, and raw data space, would be what Google truly wants to crow
about. Are you intrigued by GDrive so far, or wondering what all the
noise is about?
First Official Description of GDrive [Google Operating System]
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