So pollen-rock used to use the following code logic to decide whether to render 
a pollen source when a HTTP request coming in

  (let ((pollen-source (get-source filepath)))
    (when pollen-source
      (render-to-file-if-needed pollen-source))

For small projects, this works fine, but for a bigger project like pollen-tfl, 
the web server simply won’t return 2/5 of the css/js files, and eventually time 
out the request. I believe it’s the serv/servlet loops that’re choking (the 
some ormap in get-source didn’t finish). For curious mind, the source is

I noticed pollen server is using a function called 
render-from-source-or-output-path , which is defined here

And once I switch to this function, pollen-rock dashboard can load normally. 
This function also loops over all source file types.

Has anyone noticed the performance difference of that two functions before?

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