Thanks for your feedback. I've managed to fix some of the issues. I haven't yet looked at your crash but that's next on my list.

On 17/09/2016 14:49, Rob Arthan wrote:

I have been having a go at building ProofPower with the latest updates.
Here is some miscellaneous feedback:

1) Are these two errors in the configure output harmless? (This is on
Mac OS X using Apple’s Xcode tools.)

checking for __attribute__((visibility("hidden")))... no
clang: error: unsupported option '-print-multi-os-directory'
clang: error: no input files
checking that generated files are newer than configure… done

This seems to be something that autoconf has put in for libtool. I would assume it's harmless and I'd guess it would show up in lots of projects.

2) SML90.explode crashes. The following patch fixes this:

Thanks. That code should have been fixed a long time ago but really the SML90 structure should be retired.

3) If I configure with —enable-intinf-as-int, make compiler fails:

Use: basis/IMPERATIVE_IO.sml
Use: basis/ImperativeIO.sml
Use: basis/TextIO.sml
Exception- InternalError: findEntry - not found raised while compiling

I've fixed that and it now builds. This may also fix the similar failure that Michael reported in HOL4.


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