Am 21.02.2018 03:15 schrieb Patrick Golden:
Hi Tobias,

Author of the email you cited, here. Also note that there is an open
bug on the tracker to add individual annotation rendering to the glib

Thanks for the hint Patrick. I added my story there (, including patch and sample outcome. Comments welcome. It targets the QT5 bindings. Splitting up per binding could be a way to work together, if there's interest in doing so.

bindings [1]. I've been patching libpoppler locally in my own project
using something very much like the code in there [2].

Nice project, poppler functionality brought to JS. Are there upstream projects using this already?

For my own purposes, I've been developing a series of annotation test
cases using various PDF readers, including Evince, iAnnotate (an iOS
application), and PDF Studio Pro (a JDK application). The latter two
are not free, but I would be happy to generate more examples using

Using pdfcomment and poppler based readers I failed to create /AP entries for any annotation type, and to generate fancy types like widgets annotations. So maybe non-free is the only readily available option.

things like stamps, lines, shapes, and ink.

Just downloaded some existing from you, thanks:) If you create more sometime, I'd be interested.

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