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On 2024/02/14 21:56:52 -0500, Jag Talon <jag@aangat.lahat.computer> wrote:
> Quick update, I just realized that I added a shell/bash dependency when 
> it's not necessary. Attached is the updated archive.

still have to properly play with it, but here's some early comments on
the port:

 - please don't start COMMENT with "a"
 - could use DIST_TUPLE (+ make makesum)
 - I'd prefer if packages names are lowercase
 - revision starts empty (i.e. no revision at all), only after changes
   in the port it's bumped to 0 and then incremented.
 - why set COMPILER?  Haven't tested with gcc4, but a quick scan didn't
   reveal something that it shouldn't handle.  Maybe there's a chance
   it'll work :)
 - sdl2 and sdl2-image are only LIB_DEPENDS, no need to set them
 - it still needs bash as build depends
 - we can simplify do-build by using ALL_TARGET
 - ports are expected to respect CC and CFLAGS:
   - CC can be passed as COMPILER in MAKE_ENV
   - CFLAGS needs some patching, and drop the hardcoded -O2
 - by patching a script, all tests are passing, so enable them :)
 - in the readme, use TRUEPREFIX rather than LOCALBASE:
   - TRUEPREFIX is for this very port, LOCALBASE for where *other* ports
     are installed
 - in the readme suggesting to run firefox /usr/local/share/... is not
   going to work: most browsers can only read /tmp/ and ~/Downloads by
   default on OpenBSD.  I'm personally using python3 -m http.server as a
   quick way to access these HTML files, not sure we can suggest it in
   the README however...  Not a huge deal however.

upstream install scripts would need some heavy work so let's keep the
custom do-install.

(a bit sad that needs a bdep on vim for xxd...)

I'm attaching a diff against your makefile and an updated tarball with
the other patches.  With this it builds fine and tests are fully
passing.  I can also run the program and some of the installed examples.
Still have to really dive in it however :)


Omar Polo

--- Makefile.orig       Thu Feb 15 19:47:12 2024
+++ Makefile    Thu Feb 15 19:47:57 2024
@@ -1,11 +1,8 @@
-COMMENT =              a multimedia platform inspired by HyperCard
+COMMENT =              multimedia platform inspired by HyperCard
-GH_ACCOUNT =           JohnEarnest
-GH_PROJECT =           Decker
-GH_TAGNAME =           v1.38
+DIST_TUPLE =           github JohnEarnest Decker v1.38 .
+PKGNAME =              ${DISTNAME:L}
-REVISION =             0
 CATEGORIES =           graphics
 HOMEPAGE =             https://beyondloom.com/decker/
@@ -15,25 +12,19 @@
 # MIT
-COMPILER =             base-clang ports-gcc
+WANTLIB += SDL2 SDL2_image c m
-BUILD_DEPENDS =                editors/vim \
-                       devel/sdl2 \
-                       devel/sdl2-image \
 USE_GMAKE =            Yes
-NO_TEST =              Yes
+BUILD_DEPENDS =                editors/vim \
+                       shells/bash
 LIB_DEPENDS =          devel/sdl2 \
-                       devel/sdl2-image \
+                       devel/sdl2-image
-       cd ${WRKSRC} && \
-       gmake decker && \
-       gmake lilt && \
-       gmake docs
+ALL_TARGET =           decker lilt docs
+MAKE_ENV =             COMPILER="${CC}"
 .for bin in decker lilt

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