2016-10-16 19:17 GMT+02:00, Jeremie Courreges-Anglas <j...@wxcvbn.org>:
> Simon Mages <mages.si...@googlemail.com> writes:
>> Hi,
>> 2016-10-16 12:14 GMT+02:00, Stuart Henderson <s...@spacehopper.org>:
>>> On 2016/10/16 12:09, Simon Mages wrote:
>>>> Ok, thanks for the feedback.
>>>> But i really don't get the llvm dependency.
>>>> I used the llvm in base on current to build
>>>> this port. Why shouldi suddenly use this
>>>> one?
>>> LLVM is not enabled in base. Anyway, setting MODULES=lang/clang will
>>> add the dep automatically.
>> Finally i got it, i was working with wrong assumptions, sorry for that.
>> Attached the new port.
>> # tar zcvf /tmp/cbmc.tar.gz devel/cbmc
>> devel/cbmc
>> devel/cbmc/Makefile
>> devel/cbmc/patches
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-src_big-int_bigint-test_cc
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-src_common~
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-src_big-int_bigint_cc
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-src_common
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_core_Solver_cc
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_core_SolverTypes_h
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_mtl_IntTypes_h
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_mtl_Vec_h
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_simp_SimpSolver_cc
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_utils_Options_h
>> devel/cbmc/patches/patch-minisat-2_2_1_minisat_utils_ParseUtils_h
>> devel/cbmc/distinfo
>> devel/cbmc/pkg
>> devel/cbmc/pkg/PLIST
>> devel/cbmc/pkg/DESCR
>> Lets see if now everything is alright :)
> Looks nicer, here are a few improvements:
> - some spacing nits
> - as Stuart pointed out, no need for p5-libwww any more
> - respect CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS, using MAKE_FLAGS; this helps
>   a lot for debug builds
> - instead of putting the minisat2 patches in the port patches/
>   directory, we could also just use upstream's patch in post-extract.
>   From my POV those patches aren't my concern, so I don't care about
>   them being tracked by CVS.
> - patch the include file that provides the "compatibility" goo for
>   alloca, instead of patching consumers.
> Updated tarball below.
>From my point of view we can just take the version you send.
Its very interesting to see what the ports framework can do, thanks a lot @all
people who replied so far :)

> Note:  you create a dedicated section where to set CP_CXXFLAGS, LINKLIB,
> etc on OpenBSD, an alternative could be to just amend the FreeBSD
> section:
> -else ifeq ($(filter-out FreeBSD,$(BUILD_ENV_)),)
> +else ifeq ($(filter-out FreeBSD OpenBSD,$(BUILD_ENV_)),)
> I doubt that it matters much, upstream may have an opinion already.
The problem here is that the version of 'ar' we are using does not
support the -T flag.
Thats why i created the OpenBSD section in the first place.


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