On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 06:30:41AM +0200, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse wrote:
> I was hoping that would be released soon, but it seems upstream enjoys
> many a rc over a lengthy period of time. So perhaps syncing the openbsd_pkg
> provider with master would be the way to go.

This would be my personal preference. This also means the local addition
of -z comes into question as the upstream changes replace "pkg_info -e"
with "pkg_info -Iq" for looking up package state, which does not handle
name lookups in the same way.

I believe landry@ should be involved in this decision because from what I
recall he is one of the people who wanted the addition (and might be depending
on it).

I'll repeat my original thoughts about this from when I added the branch
I should add that I think the -z addition may actually work worse on the
latest code, because i switched the usage of "pkg_info -e" to "pkg_info
-Iq inst:name" for finding out the state of a requested package. While
-e manages to find a package without the patchlevel version attached
(which i believe was a benefit that -z added), this does not
seem to be true for "-Iq inst:".

This could mean that the module will always think that the package
needs to be installed because it can't tell there is a package with the
supplied name (plus patchlevel) already installed.

Patrik Lundin

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