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On 08/08/17 16:52, Kaashif Hymabaccus wrote:
Hello ports@,

Please find attached a port for pastebinit.

Pastebinit lets you send a file or simply the result of a command
directly to the pastebin you want (if it's supported) and gives you the
URL in return. This package also includes pbget, pbputs and pbget, which
allow you to send a binary file to a pastebin, with optional encryption.

It works on amd64 for me, including the pb* scripts.

Some of the pastebins don't work, but this isn't an OpenBSD specific
problem, so I just leave them alone. pastebin.com, the default, works,
so I think this is fine.

Some notes:
* You don't need MODPY_RUNDEP=Yes or MODPY_SETUPTOOLS=No, they're the default. * Is py-configobj used? I couldn't see anywhere it was being used. And I didn't bother installing it and everything seems to work fine. * Why use wget for something so trivial? Why not use ftp(1)? The conversion is super trivial. * NO_TEST=Yes is disingenuous. There is a test.sh and it works just fine (wget to ftp conversion needed here too). * At least one the the sites run in test.sh no longer exists. Perhaps you should talk to upstream about removing it from the tests.


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