Behold a very disgusting but incredibly useful port!

This is the first tool that makes PDF's readable on Kindle devices.
To me, and probably many others, it is super useful because now I can
finally read research papers on my e-reader. Even in two-column format,
this program outputs flawless documents!

Typical use

  k2pdfopt -dev kv -mode 2col input.pdf

Supported devices (but you can define your own if measure your screen size)

  1. Kindle 1-5 (k2)
  2. Kindle DX (dx)
  3. Kindle Paperwhite (kpw)
  4. Kindle Paperwhite 2 (kp2)
  5. Kindle Paperwhite 3 (kp3)
  6. Pocketbook Basic 2 (pb2)
  7. Kindle Voyage (kv)
  8. Nook Simple Touch (nookst)
  9. Kobo Touch (kbt)
  10. Kobo Glo (kbg)
  11. Kobo Glo HD (kghd)
  12. Kobo Glo HD Full Screen (kghdfs)
  13. Kobo Mini (kbm)
  14. Kobo Aura (kba)
  15. Kobo Aura HD (kbhd)
  16. Kobo H2O (kbh2o)
  17. Kobo H2O Full Screen (kbh2ofs)
  18. Kobo Aura One (kao)
  19. Nexus 7 (nex7)
  20. Other (specify width, height, etc.)

Port also available on Github. OK?


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