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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your clear feedback!

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:46:07PM +0100, Matthias Kilian wrote:
> I don't know how useful the library is,

I actually have no idea about that as well, to be honest. I'm mostly
interested in the shellcheck utility.

> but it shouldn't hurt to
> do it as a subpackage. Please call the port and the main package
> just shellcheck, and the library package hs-shellcheck. devel/cpphs
> may provide a better examples for this than x11/xmonad.
> For the port itself: line length nitpicking on pkg/DESCR applies
> the same aas for your devel/hs-hson port ;-)
> The (build and run) dependencies devel/hs-mtl and devel/hs-QuickCheck
> should be restricted to minimum required versions as in the .cabal file,
> i.e.
>       devel/hs-mtl>=2.2.1
> and
>       devel/hs-QuickCheck>=2.7.4

The above comments have been addressed in the new tarball.

> The comment above the NO_TEST should probably removed (from which
> port did you copy that? ;-))

I cannot remember from which port I copied it, it's quite a while ago
that I started working on this port. However, when I drop NO_TEST,
this happens when I make test:

$ make test
===>  Regression tests for hs-ShellCheck-0.4.7
Setup: No test suites enabled. Did you remember to configure with

So I guess I started grepping for '--enable-tests' and I found that
comment in some other Haskell port. Anyway, I just dropped the comment
like you suggested.

I also added the WANTLIB entries like you suggested in your second

Caspar Schutijser

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