On 2018/03/03 16:20, Jiri B wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 08:47:01PM +0000, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > On 2018/02/28 17:32, Jiri B wrote:
> > > OK, new diff and tarball attached.
> > 
> > I've cleaned it up a bit. Does it still work for you?
> Yes, it does work. Some comments below.
> Our pkg* tools don't have a method to upgrade between various
> branches? I tried to upgrade from 2.0.54 to 2.1.28 and it seems
> our pkg* tools can't do it - thus I did pkg_delete and pkg_add.

Correct, they're different pkgpaths (and you don't want 2.0.x to auto
update to 2.1.x if it's going to break compatibility, and you don't want
every. single. update. to ask whether to use 2.0 or 2.1. :-)

> While uninstalling 2.0.54 and installing 2.1.28 it revealed
> a little change in configuration, 2.1.28 has 'monitor_exe'
> option added (so we don't need to keep Landry's patch for this).
> But when doing such "upgrade" this little change is not visible.
> How to solve this? A 'MESSAGE' or something else?

In general:

This can happen with normal updates too (it's especially annoying where
there are multiple files and some are edited and some aren't). sysmerge -p
can help a bit.

Specific to this:

It probably makes sense to patch client/monitor/status_client_ncurses.c:1482
to provide a sane fallback, then we don't need to touch the config file.

1480         {
1481                 static char p[64]="";
1482                 snprintf(p, sizeof(p), "/usr/sbin/%s", PACKAGE_TARNAME);
1483                 logp("Using fallback monitor path: %s\n", p);
1484                 args[a++]=p;
1485         }

So I would remove the config patch, and add this to 2.1/Makefile instead:

        sed -i 's,"/usr/sbin/%s","${TRUEPREFIX}/sbin/%s",' \

> Thank you for help. It's OK for me.
> Jiri

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