On 2018/03/07 18:44, William Leuschner wrote:
> On Mar 7, 2018, at 17:46, Stuart Henderson <s...@spacehopper.org> wrote:
>     RT isn't compiled, it's interpreted, and it looks very much like the
>     relevant files are included already.
> Ah, sorry. I just used “compiled” as an imprecise (and incorrect) shorthand 
> for the process of
> downloading the source files and running the provided configure/make scripts.
>     Does pkg_add p5-ldap get it working for you?
> No, RT requires a command-line option at ./configure time to tell it to look 
> for the other Perl
> libraries necessary to talk to LDAP. I wish it was as easy as installing 
> p5-ldap.
> ─────────────────
> William Leuschner
> wel2...@rit.edu

That is --enable-externalauth, isn't it?

Diffing the install directories the only changes made by setting this
are the configure command-line string embedded in a comment, and this:

--- fake1/usr/local/sbin/rt-test-dependencies   Wed Mar  7 23:53:57 2018
+++ rt-4.4.2/fake-amd64/usr/local/sbin/rt-test-dependencies     Wed Mar  7 
23:55:26 2018
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ my %default = (
     'with-SMIME'        => 1,
     'with-GRAPHVIZ'     => 1,
     'with-GD'           => 1,
-    'with-EXTERNALAUTH' => 0,
+    'with-EXTERNALAUTH' => 1,
     'with-S3'           => (uc(q{database}) eq 'S3'),
     'with-DROPBOX'      => (uc(q{database}) eq 'DROPBOX'),

i.e. the only thing it does is set a default in rt-test-dependencies
which you can override with "rt-test-dependencies --with-externalauth"
anyway. It doesn't turn any of the rest of the code on or off.

(The check in rt-test-dependencies is a bit wrong anyway, it looks for
Net::SSLeay when it should look for IO::Socket::SSL). 

If you've tried it and it doesn't work, we'll need more information
about how it's not working, adding a flavour that basically has no
effect other than adding a dependency is not how ports does things.

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