On 2018/04/07 13:48, Landry Breuil wrote:
> Hi,
> multimedia/mediatomb is dead upstream since a while, relies on
> lang/spidermonkey, and has potentially been superseded by
> https://github.com/gerbera/gerbera#differences-to-mediatomb-so-far
> would anyone oppose to its removal ? There are other upnp servers in the
> tree, and one can still port gerbera.

The problem with upnp is that some devices are *very* fussy and often can't
be made to work with other servers. That said Gerbera is a continuation of
mediatomb so would be the obvious choice as a replacement. 

> There are still 3 ports depending on lang/spidermonkey, which is from
> the mozilla 3 days and hasnt been updated since 2010. This is probably
> crippled with security issues, so i'd like to work towards removing it.
> databases/riak might be updatable, i havent checked to see if it still
> relied on this ancient version of spidermonkey.

I don't see anything that looks like a change in js engine in newer versions.

It's not super-new but there's some discussion about use of spidermonkey
at https://github.com/basho/riak/issues/427. It doesn't seem like something
that will be changed in a hurry.

> apache-couchdb isnt maintained in the portstree, very much lagging
> behind (upstream is at 1.7.1 or 2.1.1) and there doesnt seem to be much
> work on moving to newer spidermonkeys per
> https://github.com/apache/couchdb/issues/946
> if you use couchdb on openbsd in production, speak up. Otherwise it
> might just hit the attic..

This seems pretty dead ports-wise.

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