On 2018/04/11 12:19, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> Yes, this runs, but I get this warning with unifi:
> java:/tmp/snappy-1.1.4-7916cbab-fd53-455f-80bc-de026ba1d38b-libsnappyjava.so: 
> /usr/lib/libc++abi.so.0.0 : WARNING: 
> symbol(_ZTVN10__cxxabiv121__vmi_class_type_infoE) size mismatch, relink your 
> program
> ...so it looks like we may need to rebuild native code modules, and possibly 
> bump c++abi.

Ignore this last bit, this is not new.

Since jdk seems to be running ok with this jumbo patchset I'm going to
commit it to unbreak things, can always undo if we want to change to a
different approach.

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