On Tue, 2018-04-10 at 21:23 -0500, Matthew Martin wrote:
> Add lots of whitespace and change a few types from signed to
> unsigned.
> Probably should get a REVISION bump, but I'm not sure where that goes
> for subpackages.
> Is anyone already an OpenJDK contributor or know someone upstream
> with
> whom I could work?

Hey Matthew,

I'm both upstream and the port maintainer here. Thanks for working on
this. There are some aspects of the OpenJDK project that are particular
to it. In order for me to accept patches for upstream I need to respect
Oracle's policies. Unless things have changed recently, they require
authors of patches to sign their contribution agreement (ugh, yea I
know that sucks). For example getting the bsd-port project accepted by
Oracle required an review of all the bsd-port changes, who wrote them
and confirmation they had signed the SCSL (Sun's old agreement) or
Oracle's current one. Some patches needed to be dropped and recreated
from scratch in that process.

Several times I have received small fixes for OpenJDK for things where
I simply did not look at the patch, recreated the problems and authored
an independent fix so I can push it upstream. I believe I'm in one of
of those cases now unless all of authors (including the ones taken from
FreeBSD) have signed the contribution agreement.

I suggest you finish the work and I'll have to avoid participating now.
When I have time I can recreate the compilation issues using the
upstream repo and fix independently so I can get them upstream.


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