> 1) add whitespace around variables, "COMMENT=" -> "COMMENT ="

OK, I saw examples in both ways so I didn't think it matters, but if
that is the convention, no problem.

> you could read /usr/ports/lang/python/python.port.mk because you redefine
> variables that already exist:
> my remarks:
> 2) use ${MODPY_MAJOR_VERSION} instead of PY_MAJOR, it will be 2 for Python
> 2.7 and 3 for 3.6; but I think you don't need it (see point 4)

I read the module file, I didn't use the variable from there because I
didn't know if it was a good practice to add to SUBST_VARS a variable
from the module.
I will keep that in mind, thanks for the heads up.


You are right.

> 4) we traditionnaly use ${MODPY_BIN_SUFFIX} for binary, and some people like
> to remove the ".py" extension for script, so I would do:
> post-install:
> mv ${PREFIX}/bin/runxlrd.py ${PREFIX}/bin/runxlrd${MODPY_BIN_SUFFIX}

OK, again, it wasn't by not looking, I attached a new version with the

I have to correct several others that I sent to ports@ then...
But really, thanks for the info, better to know this things now than later. :D


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