On 8/10/2018 8:11 AM, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> On 2018/08/10 11:45, Stuart Henderson wrote:
>> Save trouble, it's not needed. These config options don't do anything useful.
>> Still building but here's a diff on top of your last tar which fixes a few
>> little issues (one of which was failure to fetch the tarball from 

Thanks for being a step ahead of me--that's what I was trying to say :)

> Oops, need to honour CXXFLAGS too. Rather than stacking diffs (and most
> of the more explanatory parts are in the last one I sent) here's a new
> tar.
> If it still works for you I'm happy with importing like this, any OKs to
> do so? (or someone can go ahead with my OK).

Yes, ok.


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