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enclosed please find a port for graywolf [1], the tool required by Qflow [2] for placement:

[... snip ...]
graywolf - a fork of TimberWolf 6.3.5

graywolf is a placement tool used in VLSI design.

TimberWolf was developed at Yale University, and was distributed
as open source for a time until it was taken commercial. The last
open-source version of TimberWolf does not perform detail routing,
but is a professional-grade placement tool.

The main improvement in graywolf is that the build process is more
streamlined and that it behaves as a normal tool - you can call it
from anywhere and no environment variables must be set first.

It's mainly used together with Qflow (http://opencircuitdesign.com/qflow/).[... snip ...]

First things first, upstream released a new version a month ago (after 2 years); I didn't have the chance to try it yet, so this tarball is for the previous release (0.1.4).

I would try with the latest version sooner rather than later.

Apart from usual stuff needed to correctly set include files when the __OpenBSD__ identifier is found (patch-include_yalecad_base_h, patch-src_Ylib_timer_c), the main problem here is that the code is very old (with very limited possibility to see it updated, since the current maintainer doesn't know it very well; he's doing a great work in tweaking it as needed to build in a "modern" environemnt, but that's all):

- in patch-src_Ylib_okmalloc_c, I removed the cfree function, using free instead (this should be fixed in the latest release);

- in patch-src_date_getdate_c, I fixed the definition in main function from:

main( argc , argv )
int argc ;
char *argv ;


main( argc , argv )
int argc ;
char **argv ;

Finally, I patched CMakeList.txt:

- including /usr/X11R6/include and adding /usr/X11R6/lib to the link directories (please suggest if there is a wiser way to do that...);

In patches/patch_CMakeLists_txt, you don't want to hardcode /usr/X11R6 -- instead you should use ${OPENBSD_X11BASE}, which CMake understands.

- adding "-Wno-return-type" to CFLAGS (otherwise the code doesn't compile correctly with clang);

And I think more is warranted. This is really really not C99 (which clang defaults to), I would add
# Really really not C99
CONFIGURE_ARGS =        -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="${CFLAGS} -std=gnu89"

to give people a fighting chance to read the other warnings. I noticed some -Wformat warnings that look like they could matter with this.

- removing a symbolic link required after the install (I moved it in the post-install target, since doing it the way it was doesn't work, even if I didn't fully understand why... please comment!)

Compiles and runs correctly on amd64, lightly tested in Qflow.

Of course, I step-up for maintainership.

[1] https://github.com/rubund/graywolf
[2] https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-ports&m=153270090320035&w=2

Other stuff:
You don't need HOMEPAGE or DISTNAME, the GH_* variables do that for you in this case.

Please put a newline between WANTLIB and MODULES.

Pull the SHARED_LIBS line up to where it belongs.

License is GPLv2+.


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