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thanks for your prompt feedback.

On 08/11/18 16:41, Brian Callahan wrote:
I would try with the latest version sooner rather than later.

I'll do that soon, I promise :-) The problem is that Qflow is... well, a flow; and changing the version of one of the components requires double checking the consistency of the entire sequence of steps, using some test-cases; this takes a while.

In patches/patch_CMakeLists_txt, you don't want to hardcode /usr/X11R6 -- instead you should use ${OPENBSD_X11BASE}, which CMake understands.


- adding "-Wno-return-type" to CFLAGS (otherwise the code doesn't compile correctly with clang);

And I think more is warranted. This is really really not C99 (which clang defaults to), I would add
# Really really not C99
CONFIGURE_ARGS =        -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="${CFLAGS} -std=gnu89"

to give people a fighting chance to read the other warnings. I noticed some -Wformat warnings that look like they could matter with this.

Done; I put there "-Wno-return-type" too; this is more readable (instead of jumping between the Makefile and the patch); what do you think?

I would be tempted to use -D variable assignments also for include_directories and link_directories, if possible; but I do not know if such variables exists... I tried with CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH, without success. Let me know.

- removing a symbolic link required after the install (I moved it in the post-install target, since doing it the way it was doesn't work, even if I didn't fully understand why... please comment!)

What about this point? Is it ok?

Other stuff:
You don't need HOMEPAGE or DISTNAME, the GH_* variables do that for you in this case.


Please put a newline between WANTLIB and MODULES.

Pull the SHARED_LIBS line up to where it belongs.

License is GPLv2+.


Attached please find the updated tarball.

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