Dear list,

Please find attached a sndio(7) sound driver for Squeak VM 3.10.1 (lang/squeak/vm). This driver has been fairly extensively tested by my family over the course of several weeks trying to implement the examples listed in Coding for Beginners Using Scratch by Jonathan Melmoth et al using Scratch 1.4.

The tarball contains the following files:

*, acinclude.m4, sqUnixSoundSndio.c: The actual sndio(7) sound driver including the files required to integrate the driver into the Squeak VM build system.

* patch-Makefile, files in patches folder: Patch for lang/squeak/vm/Makefile and a set of Squeak VM patches. The Squeak VM patches are required to register the sound driver and to fix a number of crashes on 64-bit machines.

* GNUmakefile, bump-epoch.awk: GNU make based makefile plus helper files which I used while developing the driver.

While developing the sound driver I found that I needed to regenerate the configure file. The GNUmakefile contains a hack to do so. Since I was unsure how best to integrate this hack into lang/squeak/vm/Makefile, I would like to kindly ask the OpenBSD porters to help out tying up the last remaining loose ends.

I sincerely hope the OpenBSD community is willing to take a look at the provided tarball.


Mark Hesselink

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