On 2020/01/14 21:49, Mark Hesselink wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2020-01-14 15:10, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > btw, EPOCH is used for "version going backwards" (and can never be
> > removed
> > once it's added to a port), for a normal update just REVISION is used.
> > I mention this because you will probably have some files in /usr/ports/plist
> > relating to your previous tests that you may need to remove before you can
> > build a package directly from ports.
> Thanks for the tip. I'll try to remember.
> > Diff inline below, or at https://junkpile.org/squeak-sndio.diff in case
> > there are any problems with it getting mangled through mail (should be OK
> > though).
> > 
> > I don't have a machine with working audio handy right now, if you (or
> > someone else) could confirm that it's working as expected with this diff
> > then as long as the maintainer (CC'd) is happy with it then I can commit.
> <snip patch>
> I can confirm that your patch is working as expected; Scratch can still make
> a racket and record sound. I did test on OpenBSD 6.6, which required me to
> slightly modify the PLIST file due to lack of support for the @so modifier.
> I doubt this invalidates my testing though.

Correct - great, I've committed this one then, many thanks.

> Would it be worthwhile to post a follow-up patch explaining how to instruct
> Squeak VM to use a non-default playback or recording device? I ask because I
> added support for 2 environment variables (SQUEAK_SNDIO_INPUT and
> SQUEAK_SNDIO_OUTPUT) to allow users to specify their preferred
> playback/recording device. I used this mechanism to work around a broken
> microphone in the laptop on which I developed the driver. I did not
> explicitly document this mechanism in the package README file though.

This sounds like a good idea. Squeak VM doesn't have its own pkg-readme
file yet (Scratch does, but Squeak would be a better place for it).

The template is in /usr/ports/infrastructure/templates/README.template -
it is copied in automatically from <port directory>/pkg/README by ports
infrastructure in "make fake" but will need to be added to the PLIST -
either "make plist" should pick it up, or add it as
"share/doc/pkg-readmes/${PKGSTEM}" by hand.

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