On 8/25/2010 4:27 PM, Wietse Venema wrote:
Noel Jones:
As I see it, there are two complementary paths we can take
with DNS whitelists, each with a slightly different purpose.
While these are both useful, neither depends on the other, so
postfix can implement either or both.

I'll read the entire proposal later.

Would this notation work:

   dnswl1.example.com=*weight1, dnswl2.example.com=*weight2
   dnsbl3.example.com=*weight3, dnsbl4.example.com=*weight4

It would reduce the number of config parameters.

Yes. Both the A filter and the weight would need to be optional. ie, if you want any result to have a custom weight, it must accept


This would eliminate one lookup table and make list usage more obvious. Good.

Do we want to allow mixing DNSWLs and DNSBLs in one list?

I see them as being the same thing; just different weights.
Default to blacklist weight of 1; the user must specify a negative weight for a whitelist.

I think it would unnecessarily clutter the user interface to have separate lists. But maybe that's just me.

Currently, postscreen does not look up the client hostname, that
is something that can be added later when there is time.

I know. I was just hoping the hostname would be available in the new-and-improved postscreen discussed elsewhere.


  -- Noel Jones

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