Phil Stracchino:
[ Charset windows-1252 converted... ]
> On 09/14/16 19:29, Wietse Venema wrote:
> >>>> Perhaps Postfix needs to try to explicitly load the default config
> >>>> location when no override is set.
> >>>
> >>> How do we do that, without hard-coding '/etc/my.cnf' into Postfix?
> >>> That pathname is almost certainly incorrect on systems like *BSD
> >>> that install ports configuration files outside the base system
> >>> directory tree.
> >>
> >> It will even be incorrect on many Linux distributions (Ubuntu for
> >> example), many of which default to /etc/mysql/ instead of /etc/.
> > 
> > Isn't this pathname defined in some #include file?  How do other
> > client programs find out where the default location is?
> Well, it's supposed to Just Work if they're using libmysqlclient.  I'm
> not sure where to get the information of NOT using libmysqlclient, other
> than just searching likely locations.

FYI, Postfix uses libmysqlclient. So what's up with not reading
the default config file?


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