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> But can anyone answer my question - what factors should I consider when 
> increasing the limit in the 30-50MB range (or higher)? Are there drawbacks to 
> doing this?

The main factor is that the limit used by most everyone is about 20-25MB so if 
you accept larger attachments, you will often not be able to send those mails 
on for delivery or forward or whatever. I set my limit (increased it) to 25MB 
to match gmail and that gives me a perfect reason if anyone asks (If the limit 
is larger, then people who forward their mail to or from gmail will have 

As far as other drawbacks, if you are still using mbox files your files will 
get very large very fast, and that’s incredibly inefficient with mbox. Nothing 
quite like trying to fix a 12GB mbox file.

There is absolutely no need to send large files via email as there are 
hundreds, if no thousands of other options, almost all of which will be more 
robust, more secure, and have a much smaller impact on what is still a critical 
service for most people.

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