Hello list,
A very quick intro first. I work for a company that uses all virtual
servers, a change we recently adopted. I'm setting up Request Tracker for
internal use, which requires a Linux system to run. Thus, I'm learning
about Linux and all of RT's required packages at the same time. I'm
comfortable on the command line, and know the basics of Bash, but I'm no
expert. I'm running Debian 8, Postfix, Fetchmail, and Request Tracker, all
with the latest updates as of today. Our company uses Google Apps to manage
mail for our domain, so my address (ah...@domain.com) is essentially a
Gmail address. That'll be important in a minute.

Now, to why I'm sending this email. To make sure RT was going to work, I
set it up on a Digital Ocean server, also Debian, and was able to get
things working pretty easily. The bit that matters here is that I was able
to get Postfix working; it would send out emails as Request Tracker told it
to, and everyone received them with no problem. Since that worked, my boss
told me to move it to a virtual server on our network, which I did. That
was two weeks ago, and since that move, not one email has been received by
anyone in the company from that server.

>From all I can tell, Postfix is doing it right: it sends the emails, and so
long as the recipient is *not* @domain.com, the message is delivered. If it
*is* @domain.com, the message silently disappears. This holds true whether
I use Gmail or Mandrill as the relay for Postfix--non-company addresses
work, company ones do not. The Mandrill logs seem to indicate that my
messages lack a sender, which suggests that my envelope may be malformed,
thus causing Gmail to flip out when it sees them.

What I hope people on this list can offer are suggestions regarding what I
can do to fix this. Why my Digital Ocean server worked perfectly, and my
internal, virtual server doesn't is the biggest mystery. I don't know how
to tell Postfix to let me see the full details of outgoing messages so I
can examine them. Oh, speaking of outgoing messages, RT isn't the only one
whose messages run into this problem. The following command encounters it,
too, despite my extra headers:

echo "test" | mail -s "test" -a "from: Postfix <validusern...@domain.com>"
-a "reply-to: Postfix <validusern...@domain.com>" ah...@domain.com

My server seems to have the right name, too. The result of 'hostname' is
'myServerName', and 'hostname -f' is 'myservern...@domain.com'. I have no
aliases set up, but neither did I on the Digital Ocean server; this server
is meant for RT, not to send out its own emails, so I don't think I need
aliases. (?)

Bottom line: on one server, everything was great. On my company's virtual
server, with the same configuration, packages, and settings, mail sent out
is silently discarded by Gmail when delivered to anyone on the company's
domain. I must be missing required envelope details somewhere, but I don't
know where. I'm hoping someone can suggest where I can look, and what I can
try, to fix this. Please let me know what additional information is
required to troubleshoot this problem. Thank you in advance.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department

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