I use check_sender_access and DISCARD to throw away about 1500-4000 messages a 
day from .top domains (which is about the volume of my legit email).  I looked 
into it and most of them are registered to namecheap.com, which appears to sell 
the names for for $.98 each.  I did a little research into Namecheap's 
reputation and I found one thread calling them friendly to spammers.


Not sure what to think about it.

James Reynolds

On Sep 21, 2016, at 2:31 AM, Allen Coates <znab...@cidercounty.org.uk> wrote:

> On 21/09/16 02:35, Jim Reid wrote:
>> Spammers generally don’t pay that level of attention to SMTP responses, far 
>> less fine-tune their address lists and tools. These morons just find a 
>> victim host or botnet to blast out crap to a bazillion email addresses, not 
>> caring if any of them work or not or if their spam makes it as far as 
>> getting presented to a human victim. 
> I will second that.  One of my "callers"  -  blocked by iptables   - 
> has been sending me a couple of packets an hour since 11 August.  
> Allen C

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