On Tue Sep 20 2016 18:40:17 Sebastian Nielsen   <sebast...@sebbe.eu> said:
> I would really suggest using DISCARD instead of "500 This TLD sends spam - g
> e t lost.".
> Thus the spammer dosen't get to know he got stuck in a spam filter and can
> update their tools to bypass it.
> DISCARD accepts the mail but throws it into /dev/null

The problem is that DISCARD accepts the mail. That is the server has to accept 
the data connection and receive the data.

And there is no evidence that spammers are doing anything other than blasting 
out, not paying the slightest attention to what is accepted or rejected.

I see IPs that have been hitting postscreen for weeks and weeks with no change 
in the number of connection attempts.

Also, this gives me a very specific string to check for to see who is being 

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