> On Sep 22, 2016, at 3:40 PM, Joseph Thibeault <j...@dashride.com> wrote:
> Ah sorry. Pardon my inexperience. Do you have an example of how to ensure 
> that it contains a single smtp session? When I record I just specify eth0 
> which grabs everything.

1. Start the capture on the correct interface before (re-)sending the
   problem email:

     # iface=eth0 # or whatever
     # pcap=$(mktemp -t smtp.pcap)
     # tcpdump -s0 -i $iface -w $pcap tcp port 25 & pid=$!

2. Send problem message or flush the queue if still queued.

    # postqueue -i <queue-id>
    ... send a new message that reproduces the problem...

3. Check logs to make sure another delivery attempt took place.

4. Stop the capture:

   # kill -INT $pid

5.  Filter the capture for just the session in question:

   # tcpdump -r $pcap 'tcp[13] & 0x12 == 2'

   identify the desired destination host and local source

   # tcpdump -r $pcap -w /tmp/smtp.$$.pcap tcp port $local_port and host 

6. Post the filtered PCAP file after checking that it comtains an entire SMTP 
   from SYN -> SYN/ACK -> ACK TCP handshake to FIN/ACK -> FIN/ACK -> ACK 


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