You might indeed want to generate your aliases.db for each container,
and chroot(1) might be a means to do that.
Completely forgot about chroot, much better than starting whole container.

See also postalias(1), but I'm still not sure that this is a real
problem.  Does something in the container not work properly with
host-generated aliases.db?
That's what I'd like to know to, is this hostname mention even being used? Testing one particular container is not sufficient since I might run into problems with some other container later, after I end scripting it.

The better way would probably be to simplify your mail
infrastructure, using null clients where appropriate.

I have nothing against containerizing Postfix nor running it in
virtual machines, but unless your organization is very huge you do
not need more than 1-2 MX hosts and perhaps a per-site MSA (which
often can coexist on the submission port with MX instances.)
Completely agree. It is mostly a problem of having a hammer and seeing everything as a nail: I'm also not happy about having many full-blown postfix instances, but it works and learning something requires an effort. Is msmtp the recommended tool for doing this or just one of the many out there?


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