On Sat, Aug 05, 2017 at 07:58:19PM +0300, Marat Khalili wrote:
> > See also postalias(1), but I'm still not sure that this is a
> > real problem.  Does something in the container not work
> > properly with host-generated aliases.db?
> That's what I'd like to know to, is this hostname mention even 
> being used?

I doubt it is, but I am too lazy / busy to test. :)  You could also 
consult your Berkeley DB documentation.

I do know that Postfix simply queries it for the localpart in a 
localpart@domain, where domain is in $mydestination.  Metadata in 
aliases.db is not queried.

> Testing one particular container is not sufficient since I might 
> run into problems with some other container later, after I end 
> scripting it.
> > The better way would probably be to simplify your mail
> > infrastructure, using null clients where appropriate.
> > 
> > I have nothing against containerizing Postfix nor running it
> > in virtual machines, but unless your organization is very huge
> > you do not need more than 1-2 MX hosts and perhaps a per-site
> > MSA (which often can coexist on the submission port with MX 
> > instances.)
> Completely agree. It is mostly a problem of having a hammer and 
> seeing everything as a nail: I'm also not happy about having many 
> full-blown postfix instances, but it works and learning something 
> requires an effort.

Hehe, okay. :)

> Is msmtp the recommended tool for doing this or just one of the
> many out there?

There are several, and I am unable specifically to recommend one 
against the others, because I'm like you.  I have this hammer, and 
when I need to do something involving sending mail, I just use 
Postfix. ;)
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