I have had a Majordomo configuration working for years (with help from this list getting the aliases configured). Lately I have been receiving more and more bounce messages from Exchange servers that do not identify the intended recipient, so I am hoping to implement VERP, at least temporarily, in order to sort out which addresses need to be dropped from my lists.

The problem I am running into now is that where I was hoping to get the envelope sender to appear as:


instead, I am getting:


What am I missing?

I believe the relevant configuration details are:

list: abcd-test@listdomain
list sender: abcd-test-errs@listdomain


   virtual_alias_maps   =   hash:$config_directory/abcd.lists
   alias_maps = hash:$config_directory/abcd.lists.local
   recipient_delimiter = +
   default_verp_delimiters = +=
   disable_verp_bounces = no
   smtpd_authorized_verp_clients = $mynetworks # Can I set this to
   verp_delimiter_filter = -=+


   abcd-test@domain abcd-test-abcd-mj-incoming


   abcd-test-abcd-mj-incoming: "|/usr/bin/sudo -u majordomo
   /opt/majordomo/resend -C /etc/opt/majordomo/abcd-verp.cf -l
   abcd-test abcd-test-abcd-mj-outgoing"


   # $sendmail_command -- Pathname to the sendmail program
   $sendmail_command = "/usr/sbin/sendmail";

   # $mailer -- What program and args do I use to send mail to the list?
   # $bounce_mailer -- What is used to send mail anywhere else?
   $mailer = "$sendmail_command -XV -oi -f\$sender";
   $bounce_mailer = "$sendmail_command -oi -f\$sender -t";

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