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> In other words, if the sasl_username is alice, I'd like to restrict the 
> envelope sender and From address to only legitimate accounts belonging to 
> that sasl user.

This may break many people's workflows.

For example, most people have many email addresses, and rather than try to 
manage many different servers, they will pick their "best" server to send their 
email through.

So, when I send an email to someone from my google account, it probably doesn't 
go through google's submission servers.

Now, you might not care, but you might be prepared for the complaints.

A better choice is to rate limit users.

You can also check if the sender@yourdomain is a valid account, but then again, 
there are reasons someone (a company, especially) might want an invalid sender.

And you'll break mailing lists if you aren't careful.

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