On 2018-03-02 13:46, Karol Augustin wrote:
On 2018-03-02 12:09, MRob wrote:
Asking for opinions about postwhite.

Below is the default whitelist domains. It's nice idea, but what about
the time when spammers got hold of 10.000 hotmail accounts?

OTOH this is only for postscreen and not whitelisted your antispam
engine so seems like a good idea. Really like to know arguments
against using this, please speak up.

webmail_hosts="aol.com google.com microsoft.com outlook.com
hotmail.com gmx.com icloud.com mail.com inbox.com zoho.com

social_hosts="facebook.com facebookmail.com twitter.com pinterest.com
instagram.com tumblr.com reddit.com linkedin.com"

commerce_hosts="craigslist.org amazon.com ebay.com paypal.com"

bulk_hosts="sendgrid.com sendgrid.net mailchimp.com exacttarget.com
cust-spf.exacttarget.com constantcontact.com icontact.com mailgun.com
fishbowl.com fbmta.com mailjet.com sparkpost.com sparkpostmail.com"

misc_hosts="zendesk.com github.com"

I also added some hosts to my list from banks, Amazon SES etc. I have
about 800 lines in the generated file, which is reasonable. I have about
60-75% passing connections whitelisted now.

Would you share those you've added?

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