Hi Wietse,

> On Mar 2, 2018, at 1:49 PM, Wietse Venema <wie...@porcupine.org> wrote:
> Postscreen blocks sites based on:
> - Their reputation that hey don't send legitimate mail.
>  zen.spamhaus.org and bl.spamcop.net are examples of that.
> - Their behavior. The postscreen pregreet test is an example of that.
>    Wietse

Ok.  I am definitely making use of the zombie detection (pre-greeting, etc.), 
but I also use the DNSRBL’s on postscreen.  I was under the possibly mistaken 
impression that this was a bit more efficient instead of having a spam source 
connect, possibly negotiate STARTTLS and then start a SMTP transaction and then 
have it rejected based on smtpd restrictions.

Should I then continue to use postscreen for the zombie detection but then move 
my DNSRBL entries to smtpd restrictions ?

Apologies for belabouring the point - I’m just not understanding.


- J

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