Wietse Venema:
> Just for the heck of it, can you replace in src/master/master_sig.c
> this code:
>    if (kill(pid, SIGKILL) < 0)
>        msg_fatal("%s: kill myself: %m", myname);
> With this code:
>    exit(0);
> And see if that fixes the PID=1 behavior?

Viktor Dukhovni:
> Perhaps instead of "exit(0)" it should be "_exit(0)",
> since exit(3) is not async-signal-safe.

According to RTFM, the exit() function does not return so it can't 'fail'.

     The exit() and _Exit() functions never return.
     The _exit() system call can never return.
     The exit() function does not return.
     (Similar text for _exit and_Exit).


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