I have a postfix-3.1.4 installation and have been given a request to
block all incoming mail from all but a single specific domain and
block all outgoing mail with the exception of only that same single
specific domain.

Mail is received by a relay server, mail01.example.com, then forwarded
to a pop/imap server, host1.example.com on the same network. We wish
to reject all inbound mail with the exception of host2.example.com
from being received by host1.example.com. We also wish to reject all
outbound mail on host2.example.com from being sent unless it is
destined for host1.example.com.

host2.example.com is also using postfix-3.1.4.

How would I go about doing that? I thought I could configure a
check_sender_access restriction, list host2.example.com as "ok" then
reject everything else:

host2.example.com           OK
*                                         554 REJECT

For host2.example.com, users send mail using either submission or
webmail which talks to postfix on localhost/25. I believe this would
be a smtpd recipient restriction?

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