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> Hi,
> I have a postfix-3.1.4 installation and have been given a request to
> block all incoming mail from all but a single specific domain and
> block all outgoing mail with the exception of only that same single
> specific domain.
> Mail is received by a relay server, mail01.example.com, then forwarded
> to a pop/imap server, host1.example.com on the same network. We wish
> to reject all inbound mail with the exception of host2.example.com
> from being received by host1.example.com. We also wish to reject all
> outbound mail on host2.example.com from being sent unless it is
> destined for host1.example.com.
> host2.example.com is also using postfix-3.1.4.
> How would I go about doing that? I thought I could configure a
> check_sender_access restriction, list host2.example.com as "ok" then
> reject everything else:
> host2.example.com           OK
> *                                         554 REJECT
> For host2.example.com, users send mail using either submission or
> webmail which talks to postfix on localhost/25. I believe this would
> be a smtpd recipient restriction?

Put these entries in a client-based, not sender-based, restriction e.g.

​check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/client_access

This could appear in any of the restriction lists,
including smtpd_recipient_restrictions. The first restriction list
processed, I believe, is smtpd_client_restrictions.

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