> I've been successfully using Postfix 3.3.1 behind an Haproxy for a few
> weeks now, and while this is a minor complaint, I just wondered if it
> was known.
> I have dual-stack ipv4/v6 support enabled and as a result most of my
> mail that comes from Google comes from an ipv6 address.
> The IP address is not parsed properly I think in the haproxy protocol,
> and I suspect that was fixed in send-proxy-v2 which I believe Postfix
> doesn't support. If this is the case, are their plans to support the
> haproxy v2 version of the proxy protocol?

If someone has time to contribute code, I will consider it. Note
that there are two Postfix haproxy handlers: a blocking handler
for smtpd, and a non-blocking handler for postscreen.

The Postfix haproxy handlers will accept both IPv4 and IPv6. I have
no idea what send-proxy-v2 looks like, but if they did not complicate
things by switching to some non-text format, then it should be easy
to reuse most of that code for send-proxy-v2.


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