On 14/01/2020 20:48, Wietse Venema wrote:
>> test-milter confirms that smfi_setsymlist does not work:
>>     $ test-milter -v -p inet:3000@localhost -m connect -M 
>> '{client_connections}'
>>     set symbol list connect to "{client_connections}"
>>     negotiate f0=1ff *pf0 = 1ff f1=1fffff *pf1=400 nosend=0 noreply=0 misc=0
>>     test_connect localhost AF_INET (
>>     macro: j="mail.my.org"
>>     macro: v="Postfix 3.3.0"
>>     macro: {daemon_addr}=""
>>     macro: {daemon_name}="mail.my.org"
>>     test_reply 0
> Couple observations.
> 1) Note that all this requires SMFI_VERSION > 5. Did you verify that?
> 2) Note that it is up to libmilter to send that macro list to
> Postfix.  Did you verify that? This requires a single -v option to
> the smtpd configuration in master.cf and doing "postfix reload".

Yes, I have an up-to-date Postfix and SMFI_VERSION > 5.

The message

    postfix/smtpd[17351]: override SMFIM_CONNECT macro list with 
"{client_connections} j _"

does get logged, but right after that there is a line

    postfix/smtpd[17351]: event: SMFIC_CONNECT; macros: j=mail.gluet.ch 
{daemon_name}=mail.gluet.ch {daemon_addr}= v=Postfix 3.3.0

Those are the default macros, not the ones requested.

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